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The solution to enhanced health and wellbeing is in the air. Finnish companies are forerunners in reliable, scalable, and tested Indoor Air Quality solutions for residential, commercial, and healthcare applications.

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1. ​Teamtech

Teamtech Oy is growing innovative company in HVAC. Our spearhead is an innovative Fresh Wash cleaning technology and service to heat pumps inside units, outside units, passive cooling devices and cooling convectors.

2. SpinDrive

SpinDrive provides high-speed electrical drivetrains with frictionless magnetic bearings. Our passion is to push energy efficiency to the maximum level and promote oil-free solutions in various industries.

3. Ceraheat

Ceraheat Oy from Finland - the developer of revolutionary infrared heaters. Ceraheat Oy is a Finnish high-tech company specialised in development, manufacture, and marketing of high-quality products based on the unique Ceraheat® technology. Ceraheat Oy was founded in 2006; we make use of the owner s three decades-long research work and experience.

4. Naava

We, at Naava, believe that clean air is a human right. We want to redefine the future. We want everyone to have the privilege for pure air – the possibility to truly breathe.​

5. Gadlab Engineering

Gadlab Engineering is a Finnish Engineering company, founded 2006. Gadlab design team’s joint experience of all kinds of vessels and floating structures adds up to 150 years.

6. AirD

AirD is a Finnish company that designs, manufactures, markets and sells intelligent and decorative air vents. The company brings new opportunities to decorating spaces.

7. Pekotek

Pekotek OY is a Finnish company specialized in both manual grit blasting and automatic shot blasting and also painting/drying technologies of metal and other products.

8. Lifa Air

Our mission is to provide clean air and thus improve peoples’ health and businesses. Our innovative solutions consists of ventilation cleaning systems, dust-free renovation equipment and air purification systems and air purifiers from residential use to Military graded NBC filtering systems.

9. Airmodus

​Airmodus products enable the advances in nano technology and nano sciences. They are also vital tools when studying climate change, air quality and when developing sustainable engines and fuels.

10. 720 Degrees

720° is a cloud based analytics solution for real-time collection and evaluation of indoor environmental quality data such as: air quality, thermal comfort and noise pollution.

11. TM Systems

TM Systems specializes in industrial air systems, especially in pulp and paper mills. The company’s innovative and environmentally friendly technology helps its clients to minimize the energy consumption and maximize the production.

12. Dekati

​Dekati Ltd. is a global market leader in providing high quality instrumentation for fine particle measurements. Dekati® Instruments are used e.g. in emission testing and research, air quality monitoring and different nanotechnology applications.

13. Tamturbo

Tamturbo develops and markets oil-free, energy efficient, and maintenance free direct drive industrial turbo compressors and OEM turbo units for other compressor manufacturers.

14. Extor

Extor Oy is a globally leading manufacturer of filtration systems for difficult dust. Each product is a the result of our own efforts - from the development process to manufacture.

15. Tassu ESP

Tassu ESP Oy is the world leading company in fine particle abatement technology and we will bring our EDF (Electric Diffusion Filter) to the market to clean all kind of exhaust gases.

16. Wetend Technologies

Wetend Technologies Ltd is a technology and innovation company focusing in mixing of chemicals and additives into large process flows with novel sustainable TrumpJet® Flash mixing technology and related sub-processes.

17. Blue Ocean Solutions

Blue Ocean Solutions Pte Ltd offers ship owners the solution to have smaller carbon footprint by achieving more efficient fuel combustion and cleaner emissions.

18. Genano

Genano Ltd delivers professional air decontamination units for hospitals and laboratories.

19. IC2 Feeniks

IC2 Feeniks designs, manufactures and supplies advanced covering solutions for civil and authority use. IC2 Feeniks follows the principles of sustainable economic and ecological development.

20. Envitems

Envitems is a Finnish company specialising in cleantech, air quality measuring instruments, in particular. We design and manufacture indicative air quality stations that are used to measure the pollutant gas and particle content of ambient air.