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The land of a thousand lakes sure knows clean water – and how to keep it that way. Our inherent, world-class clean water expertise streams through various Finnish companies to drinking, waste and industrial waters near and far.


Finnish clean water expertise

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1. Owatec Group

​Owatec Group Oy (OWA) offers solutions for side-product utilization and technology and solutions for water and waste treatment. The mission of the OWA is to make industrial processes more efficient and waste-free to help save the environment and raw materials.

2. ProtectPipe

ProtectPipe is a Finnish microbiotechnology company. We produce an eco-friendly microbe solution that removes organic waste from drainpipes and grease traps in a natural way, and with proven efficiency while reducing H2S buildup.

3. Evac

Evac is the world’s leading provider of integrated waste, wastewater, and water management systems for the marine, offshore, and building industries.

4. Soil Scout

Soil Scout provides critical insight into data from deep below the surface – wirelessly. Our small buried sensor platform transmits moisture, temperature & salinity in near real-time from up to 4 metres below the surface through soil, ice, clay and concrete for up to 20 years – maintenance free!

5. SansOx

At SansOx, we have rethought the water processes according to Circular Economy principles in order to create new ways for smart processing and recycling of waters. We have developed some revolutionary solutions for potable, WW, mining, and industrial water systems, which reduce water and carbon footprints while being most economical at the same time. We enable also more efficient biological growth for e.g. fish farming and irrigation.

6. Risutec Oy

Risutec Oy manufactures silviculture machinery. Our special knowledge is for Southern hemisphere plantations, accuracy of planting, fertilizing and irrigation systems.

7. Keypro

Keypro is the leading provider of modern, fully browser-based, utility network information management solutions. The company has a long background in desktop based CAD and GIS systems.

8. Winflow Water

​Winflow Water Oy develops technologies suitable for waste water treatment and biogas production. The company can offer solutions for both improved performance and lower investment compared to traditional technologies.

9. KL-Lämpö

KL-Lämpö is a Finnish company providing comprehensive water management products and services that improve our customers’ energy efficiency. The company is known as a reliable partner to manufacturing industry, power plants and HVAC /maintenance companies.

10. Valmet

Valmet is the leading global developer and supplier of technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. Valmet's vision is to become the global champion in serving its customers.

11. Outotec

Outotec designs and delivers tailored solutions for minerals and metals processing, water treatment, and producing energy from biomass and wastes.

12. Aquazone

​As a core business Aquazone Ltd builds and renovates both industrial and municipal waste water treatment plants. With the sister company Suomen Ekolannoite Ltd Aquazone also treats municipal and industrial sludge into fertilizer.

13. Exel Composites

Exel Composites is a leading composite technology company that designs and delivers composite products and solutions for demanding applications. Composite materials embody many of the properties associated with sustainability by combining lasting performance with environmental friendliness through e.g. energy savings and low maintenance needs.

14. Fenno Water

Fenno Water Ltd Oy is focused on water and waste water treatment processes and designing & manufacturing of treatment plants. We offer to our customers tailored solutions with quality for projects dealing with water/waste water industry.

15. Solar Water Solutions

​Solar Water Solutions offers innovative, sustainable and economically efficient small-scale desalination solutions. Our vision is to provide sustainable drinking and irrigation water in remote locations.

16. Tengbom Eriksson Architects

Tengbom Eriksson Architects is a Finnish architect's office. We provide comprehensive design services fir the build environment: land use, urban design and landscape design as well as building design for new buildings and refurbishments alike.

17. Innovesi

Innovesi's vision is to build Smart Water grids with Industrial Internet of Things, in order to deliver water utility companies knowledge and insight about all the assets and events in their water grid in real time.

18. SH-Trade

​SH-Trade manufacture threaded fittings by machining from bar and tube material and we have wide range of standard threaded fittings in our product range. We also produce customized threaded fittings according to customer drawings. We also deliver tube couplings, butt weld fittings and flanges.

19. Wetend Technologies

Wetend Technologies Ltd is a technology and innovation company focusing in mixing of chemicals and additives into large process flows with novel sustainable TrumpJet® Flash mixing technology and related sub-processes.

20. Relining Group

We are an international company that develops, designs, manufactures and distributes solutions that make sewage and renovation projects easier and more efficient. We offer a truly unique relining solution that makes sewage and drain renovation easier and more efficient than ever before.