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Finland is truly in the hunt for the next big thing. Our holistic understanding of digitalisation and the entire digital value chain unlocks new opportunities in Cleanweb and IoT technologies.

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1. Fluid Intelligence

Fluid Intelligence disrupts the lubrication oil market by changing the way oil is used today in heavy industry and logistics sectors.

2. Prometec

​Prometec Ltd is Finnish industry technology company established in 2012. Prometec is specialized in biomass quality management. In 2016 Prometec was first in the world to bring to the market a fully automated sampler and sample handling system.

3. Fourdeg

Fourdeg is a smart heating startup making better quality heating with less energy, currently specializing on district heating.

4. Talas Electric Oy

Talas Electric Oy manufactures and develops devices for AC motors winding insulation resistance measurement and control.

5. Emergence

​Emergence provides taival - location service with unique pricing model and small, low-cost, maintenance free and energy self-sufficient location device

6. Risutec Oy

Risutec Oy manufactures silviculture machinery. Our special knowledge is for Southern hemisphere plantations, accuracy of planting, fertilizing and irrigation systems.

7. BaseN

​BaseN is the inherently scalable computing Platform for hosting billions of spimes, the core objects of the Internet of Things.

8. ​Leanheat

Leanheat is the smartest solution for energy efficient building management delivering the ability to save on energy consumption of buildings from 10-30%.

9. Jake Rakennus

​Jake Rakennus Bygg Ltd offers high quality and environmentally friendly building/construction services. The company’s goal is to build buildings with low lifecycle costs and be a pioneer in terms of sustainable construction.

10. Citrus Solutions

Citrus Solutions Oy provides smarter ICT services. Our customers trust our services, like our contact people and get everything that has been promised to them.

11. FF-Automation

FF-Automation Oy is Finnish automation manufacturing company, our AutoLog IoT solutions can be easily integrated with cleantech projects to bring data from remote devices and facilities to web browser SCADA application

12. Tieto

Tieto provides life cycle IT solutions and services for forest and manufacturing industry customers to enhance their businesses. Our solutions improve energy and raw material efficiencies and optimize business performance leading to higher profitability and a cleaner environment.

13. Distence

Distence makes industrial assets intelligent and connects them to business processes. We supply a digital information pipeline between remote assets and business processes that allows for our customers to build smart services for their operations.

14. 720 Degrees

720° is a cloud based analytics solution for real-time collection and evaluation of indoor environmental quality data such as: air quality, thermal comfort and noise pollution.

15. OptiWatti

OptiWatti is a solution to save energy and increase comfort. It optimizes energy consumption on room level and saves even 40% on heating costs. Energy management is made easy and rewarding.

16. There Corporation

There Corporation turns existing, electricity heated homes into virtual power plants that can provide reserve-capacity. There’s Energy Management platform brings internet-of-things to existing heating and cooling systems, that creates value from using hidden, existing energy resources.

17. Seneqo

Seneqo has created and patented an environmental measurement system, which collects, analyzes and optimizes a business's carbon footprint. Join us in the fight for a cleaner future!


FINNOPT Ltd. provides both software and consultancy solutions to cleantech businesses for solving multiple criteria decision making problems using data and optimization techniques applicable to design, operations and control.

19. HögforsGST

HögforsGST Oy specializes in the manufacture and sales of high-quality equipment for district heating, district cooling and industrial systems. HögforsGST Oy offers also technical consultation and related services. The company’s products are used in new buildings as renovations, from all size.

20. Protacon

Our services encompass consulting, design and engineering, implementation, turn-key deliveries and maintenance & upkeep. Long-term customer relationships, commitment to deliveries and an open-minded approach to modern technologies are the backbone of our operations.