Relining Group

We are an international company that develops, designs, manufactures and distributes solutions that make sewage and renovation projects easier and more efficient. We started out as just a group of contractors. However, we faced the same problem time and time again: the industry didn’t have a durable relining material suitable for all pipe types, especially plastic. Our company was born out of a passion to solve this problem.

Our first goal was to develop a completely new relining material that was durable and versatile. Then we designed a next-generation relining system that would work exclusively with our new material. Today, we offer a truly unique relining solution that makes sewage and drain renovation easier and more efficient than ever before.



Sewer and drain renovation companies, Modern sewer and drain- technology (and tool) supliers

Main markets

Europe (Scandinavia, Central Europe, Southern Europe); Africa (Ethiopia)

Key figures 

Turnover: (expected EUR 2,6 million)
Growth: (expected EUR 2,6 million)
Share of exports: 90%
Employees: 3