What’s Cleantech Finland?

Cleantech Finland is a hub of Finnish cleantech expertize and sustainable innovations.

Fostering sustainable growth

Cleantech Finland is a hub of Finnish cleantech expertize and sustainable innovations. We bring together the great minds, fresh ideas, and best solutions for advanced cleantech business.


Solid expertize across all industries


The solution to enhanced health and wellbeing is in the air. Finnish companies are forerunners in reliable, scalable, and tested Indoor Air Quality solutions for residential, commercial, and healthcare applications. Discover Finnish air quality solutions here.


The secret behind the innovative Finnish bioenergy technology lies in our nature. Our pioneering know-how and experience in the use of natural materials like wood has given us a cutting edge position on our way towards more sustainable energy production. Discover Finnish bioproducts and materials solutions here.


The land of a thousand lakes sure knows clean water - and how to keep it that way. Our inherent, world-class clean water expertise streams through various Finnish companies to drinking, waste and industrial waters near and far. Discover Finnish clean water solutions here.


Finland is truly in the hunt for the next big thing. Our holistic understanding of digitalization and the entire digital value chain unlocks new opportunities in Cleanweb and IoT technologies. Discover Finnish cleanweb & IoT solutions here.


Efficient equipment and processes create, profitable businesses. Our arctic know-how of energy and resource efficient industrial processes, as well as building automation, stems from the demanding Finnish climate conditions. Discover Finnish energy & resource efficiency solutions here.


Smart energy production and usage saves money, nerves and environment. Almost 40 % of Finnish energy is already produced with sustainable methods, and our expertise in smart electricity distribution grids keeps everyone’s power supply covered. Discover Finnish renewables & smart grid solutions here.


Smart logistics and infrastructure create smart and safe cities. Finnish innovations enhance the smart flow of people and goods on rails, roads, seas, and up in the air – around the world. Discover Finnish smart transport & logistics solutions here.


Your waste could have a new life, take you places, and keep you warm. That’s where the Finnish high-end expertise in waste management chains, recycling, waste-to-energy, and waste based fuel comes in handy. Discover Finnish waste-to-value solutions here.


Sustainable environment for cleantech expertize and investments

  • NUMBER 1 Finland is the greenest country in the world 2016. The environmental performance index (EPI).
  • NUMBER 1 in qualified engineers, funding for technological development, and public & private sector ventures.
  • NUMBER 2 in cleantech in The Global Cleantech Innovation Index 2013 and EU Eco-Innovation Scoreboard 2013.

Facts & figures

EUR 25,8 billion

Turnover of Finnish cleantech business in 2013.

Over 1/3

Amount of Finnish public R&D funding going into cleantech.

250 companies

250-strong, unified network of top cleantech companies.


Key to economy

Cleantech is one of four focal points of the Finnish government.


Finland is the world’s leading researcher in the energy and environment field.


The Finnish cleantech business employs around 50,000 people. 40,000 new jobs are expected by 2020.