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Efficient equipment and processes create profitable businesses. Our arctic know-how of energy and resource-efficient industrial processes, as well as building automation, stems from the demanding Finnish climate conditions.


Finnish energy & resource efficiency expertise

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1. Ledistys

Ledistys is a Finnish cleantech company specialized in manufacturing cost-efficient and long-term LED-lighting solutions for various industries. Our own manufacturing process started in 2015 and today we have 100% focus on manufacturing and developing our own luminaires.

2. Ceraheat

Ceraheat Oy from Finland - the developer of revolutionary infrared heaters. Ceraheat Oy is a Finnish high-tech company specialised in development, manufacture, and marketing of high-quality products based on the unique Ceraheat® technology. Ceraheat Oy was founded in 2006; we make use of the owner s three decades-long research work and experience.

3. ​Virta

Virta’s scalable smart grid solutions enable everyone to take part in the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Our electric vehicle charging platform connects all key players in the EV ecosystem. The platform allows running EV charging services of any size anywhere in the world.

4. ​Bionova Ltd

Bionova Ltd has developed One Click LCA for construction, manufacturing, and CSR markets. We make life-cycle assessment easy, fast, and effortless.

5. Uusioaines Oy

The Stenberg Corporation started glass collection in the early 1980’s. Suomen Uusioaines Ltd continued on from the Stenberg Corporation’s pioneering work in 1995. The glass is crushed, cleaned, sorted according to colour, and delivered for industrial use as cullet.

6. Fourdeg

Fourdeg is a smart heating startup making better quality heating with less energy, currently specializing on district heating.

7. Efirec

Our solutions ensure economic and ecological energy from local and district heating power range of 300 kW - 10 000 kW, as well as electrical energy for larger buildings and industry.

8. Deltamarin

Deltamarin is a ship design, offshore engineering and construction group operating in the marine and offshore industries worldwide. Our services include the full range of consulting, design and engineering as well as procurement, construction and installation.

9. Talas Electric Oy

Talas Electric Oy manufactures and develops devices for AC motors winding insulation resistance measurement and control.

10. Eneron

Eneron promotes responsible energy usage and sustainable property development. Eneron saves time and money for its customers by using a unique capability to quickly analyse entire property portfolios. Considering the property owner's strategy, Eneron identifies the optimal energy savings opportunities in the portfolio.

11. Soil Scout

Soil Scout provides critical insight into data from deep below the surface – wirelessly. Our small buried sensor platform transmits moisture, temperature & salinity in near real-time from up to 4 metres below the surface through soil, ice, clay and concrete for up to 20 years – maintenance free!

12. Maapörssi

​Maapörssi a digital platform for coordinating excess soil and discards between construction sites. Reuse of excess soil and discards is substantially more cost effective and saves natural resources.

13. Gadlab Engineering

Gadlab Engineering is a Finnish Engineering company, founded 2006. Gadlab design team’s joint experience of all kinds of vessels and floating structures adds up to 150 years.

14. Tones

​Trademark Arvo Jäte (valuable waste) of Tones Oy has a goal to: effectively collect inkjet cartridges for domestic recycling; remanufacture collected cartridges using automation; provide the market with refilled high-quality domestically recycled printer supplies.

15. SansOx

At SansOx, we have rethought the water processes according to Circular Economy principles in order to create new ways for smart processing and recycling of waters. We have developed some revolutionary solutions for potable, WW, mining, and industrial water systems, which reduce water and carbon footprints while being most economical at the same time. We enable also more efficient biological growth for e.g. fish farming and irrigation.

16. Emergence

​Emergence provides taival - location service with unique pricing model and small, low-cost, maintenance free and energy self-sufficient location device

17. Risutec Oy

Risutec Oy manufactures silviculture machinery. Our special knowledge is for Southern hemisphere plantations, accuracy of planting, fertilizing and irrigation systems.

18. BaseN

​BaseN is the inherently scalable computing Platform for hosting billions of spimes, the core objects of the Internet of Things.

19. Keypro

Keypro is the leading provider of modern, fully browser-based, utility network information management solutions. The company has a long background in desktop based CAD and GIS systems.

20. Ensavetec

At ENSAVETEC, we create new ecological and clean technology for your life! We save 40 % energy by shower water.