Your waste could have a new life, take you places, and keep you warm. That’s where the Finnish high-end expertise in waste management chains, recycling, waste-to-energy, and waste based fuel comes in handy.

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1. Tracegrow Oy

Tracegrow's new patented technology offers several advantages and brings recycling of alkaline batteries to a whole new level. Alkaline batteries can now be recycled efficiently, eco-friendly and profitably.

2. MariMatic Oy®

MariMatic Oy specializes in MetroTaifun Automated Solid Waste Collection System (AWCS) and Taifun vacuum conveying systems. The environmentally friendly solutions enhance the collection and sorting of waste in various applications ranging from large residential areas and buildings to industrial use.

3. Lahti Precision Oy

Lahti Precision is an expert in dosing, weighing and mixing applications supplying batch plants for the glass industry, drymix plants and services globally.

4. Owatec Group

​Owatec Group Oy (OWA) offers solutions for side-product utilization and technology and solutions for water and waste treatment. The mission of the OWA is to make industrial processes more efficient and waste-free to help save the environment and raw materials.

5. Ecomation

ECOMATION Oy is an innovative company that have recycling solutions for E-waste recovering principally plastics and metals.

6. ​Bionova Ltd

Bionova Ltd has developed One Click LCA for construction, manufacturing, and CSR markets. We make life-cycle assessment easy, fast, and effortless.

7. Uusioaines Oy

The Stenberg Corporation started glass collection in the early 1980’s. Suomen Uusioaines Ltd continued on from the Stenberg Corporation’s pioneering work in 1995. The glass is crushed, cleaned, sorted according to colour, and delivered for industrial use as cullet.

8. Maapörssi

​Maapörssi a digital platform for coordinating excess soil and discards between construction sites. Reuse of excess soil and discards is substantially more cost effective and saves natural resources.

9. Gadlab Engineering

Gadlab Engineering is a Finnish Engineering company, founded 2006. Gadlab design team’s joint experience of all kinds of vessels and floating structures adds up to 150 years.

10. Tones

​Trademark Arvo Jäte (valuable waste) of Tones Oy has a goal to: effectively collect inkjet cartridges for domestic recycling; remanufacture collected cartridges using automation; provide the market with refilled high-quality domestically recycled printer supplies.

11. SansOx

At SansOx, we have rethought the water processes according to Circular Economy principles in order to create new ways for smart processing and recycling of waters. We have developed some revolutionary solutions for potable, WW, mining, and industrial water systems, which reduce water and carbon footprints while being most economical at the same time. We enable also more efficient biological growth for e.g. fish farming and irrigation.

12. Molok

MOLOK Oy manufactures Molok® semi-underground Deep Collection® waste containers. 140 000 Molok waste containers are to be found in 40 countries around the world.

13. Winflow Water

​Winflow Water Oy develops technologies suitable for waste water treatment and biogas production. The company can offer solutions for both improved performance and lower investment compared to traditional technologies.

14. Metener

Metener has solutions for biogas production and upgrading. The company has the technology for producing traffic fuel, heat and electricity by using different kind of biomasses from grass to biowaste.

15. Watrec

Watrec Ltd is specialized in biogas technology, industrial and process wastewater treatment, as well as expertise services on environmental and energy-related issues.

16. Aquazone

​As a core business Aquazone Ltd builds and renovates both industrial and municipal waste water treatment plants. With the sister company Suomen Ekolannoite Ltd Aquazone also treats municipal and industrial sludge into fertilizer.

17. Ekolet

Ekolet Oy has been a pioneer in designing and manufacturing composting dry toilets since 1991. Our products range from indoor to outdoor toilets and from holiday home use to year-round use models.

18. VEO

VEO develops automation, drives and power distribution solutions for the energy and process industries and provide our products and services to our International customers to meet their local and global needs. The company offers an expanding and increasingly productised range of services aimed at electrifications and industrial process applications.

19. Mikko Ahokas Consulting

Mikko Ahokas Consulting (Macon) is a versatile consulting service which is focusing on bioeconomy, cleantech and environmental project implementations. Its way of working is based on wide networking of experts and specialist.

20. Rec Alkaline

Rec Alkaline's new patented technology offers several advantages and brings recycling of alkaline batteries to a whole new level. Alkaline batteries can now be recycled efficiently, eco-friendly and profitably.