Air0 is offering the world's most advanced indoor air purifiers. smAIRt™ purifiers are a result of long R&D process which has been conducted by a team with decades of experience. For the users this does not mean only cleanest air, but also costs savings. Air0 headquarters are located in Helsinki, Finland.

smAIRt™ purifiers are based on smAIRt™ technology which has been created by Air0. This technology has taken the combining of mechanical and electrical purification to the next level. This way Air0 has been able to achieve the world's highest clean air delivery rate and at the same time the filter costs have been reduced. So start your smAIRtTM breathing now!!



Real estate, Hospitality (hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, etc.), wellbeing (hospitals, spas, gyms, etc.), construction (especially villas)

Key markets

Asia, Middle East