Undisputably, the future energy mix will be reliant upon renewable sources of energy such as solar or wind power. However, the variable power from these sources raise both availability and volatility issues. Teraloop proposes an evolution of the flywheel concept, implementing a large scale, high-energy, kinetic storage system. A feasibility study by VTT has confirmed that a Teraloop facility would be able to store 500MW, with a capacity of up to 10GWh. Those figures put Teraloop as a potential first solution capable of bringing the cost-competitiveness levels of renewable sources to those of conventional sources of energy.


On-site storage for high-capacity wind or solar PV installations, Power Distributors, Smart Grid Operators, any  Energy Generation Sources wishing to provide accurate phase matching to the grid.

Main markets

Europe, North America.

Key figures

R&D Investments: EUR >500k
Employees: CA12