Why Finnish cleantech?

Problem solving is in our nature

Harsh climate and a lack of fossil fuel resources has forced our industry and society to minimise energy consumption and to innovate. Now Finland is a leading cleantech country.

Finland is rich in natural resources, such as forests, lakes and minerals. In the past we have had problems, including water pollution and low air quality.

With persistent long-term efforts and public-private-sector collaboration we have succeeded in protecting our nature – and building cutting-edge expertise in solving environmental problems.


#2 EU Eco-innovation scoreboard 2013

#2 Environmental friendliness, Country Brand Index 2011 – 2012

#2 Global Cleantech Innovation Index 2014

Key strengths

Culture of innovation and collaboration – High-level technology expertise – Quality and reliability – Culture of constant improvement – Ability to turn extreme conditions into commercial innovations – Experience in solving environmental problems

Finnish cleantech = great investment potential

Cleantech companies grow despite of economic downturn. We have a highly qualified and well-educated workforce. Our society is politically stable, and we have worked hard for sustainability for decades.